We have tons of new parts for sale. Brass gears, pinions, collars, threaded bosses etc. I have almost all non-standard gears/pinions parts in stock. Truckloads of reproduction parts in red, green, blue, yellow and black. Special gears and collars, see photo in my article. Also a massive supply of grubs, thin washers, and brass/steel nuts and bolts. Some special black long Allen-head bolts as well. Colin Hinz and I have created heavily modified Meccano Motors (see photo). Very powerful and inexpensive; lots in stock. I also have a small selection of repro-nickel plated angle girders. See list below.

Last but not least I have three #10a’s available in case you missed the original offering a few years back. I have one in red/green, one in black/yellow and one in blue/yellow/zinc. ($2750.00 plus  shipping).

Excel spreadsheet parts list: CMAMAS-Set-10a-2013

Also available, the Ultimate Gear Set:

Excel spreadsheet component list: Ultimate Gear Set-2013

I really enjoy what I do for our club. Please e-mail me or call anytime to discuss your needs. Santa is waiting!

My very best regards,

David Duncan,
VP Sales & Marketing,

Nickel Parts

5 Perforated Strip 2.5″ Nickel
7 Angle Girder 24.5″ Nickel
7a Angle Girder 18.5″ Nickel
7b Angle Girder 15.5″ Nickel
7c Angle Girder 21.5″ Nickel
7d Angle Girder 36.5″ Nickel


Small E-19R $40.00 (New parts)
Large E-20R $60.00 (New parts)

Solid Brass Gears

From the photo,
1/4 inch thick fully turned solid gears:

45t $28.00
50t $28.00
57t $32.00
60t $32.00
76t $40.00
63j Rectangular Coupling 7h Brass $15.00
27r 171t spur gear $40.00