Glynn Bates Collection - FOR SALE by CMAMAS

CMAMAS is selling the Glynn Bates Collection on his behalf.

Photos of the items for sale can be accessed via the links below.
Please always quote the unique photo name shown below the photo to identify items.

Some sales notes:

  1. Sold items are identified as "SOLD" in the photo name.
  2. You may need to hit the REFRESH/RELOAD button in your web browser to see changes.
  3. Models are priced in the photo name.
  4. Sets are $5.00-$50.00. Volume discounts are offered.
  5. Shipping and Handling from Ontario, Canada is extra (Courier with tracking number).
  6. For more information on sales please contact David Duncan,, 416-733-8670
  7. Payment can be via Interac e-transfer, Paypal or cheque.
  8. All payments should be directed to Colin Hoare,