Meccano enthusiasts in Canada are all too familiar with the difficulties of finding and purchasing the materials necessary to carry out our hobby.

To help ease these difficulties, the CMAMAS executive continuously seeks opportunities to place bulk orders of Meccano and reproduction parts and sets for redistribution to club members. Due, among other things, to legal restrictions, sales are to club members only. New club members are always welcome; for information on becoming a member, click here.


Paper copies of the price lists are mailed to those who ordered them, the electronic price lists, which can be submitted by e-mail, are now available in the “Reproduction Parts” section (see link below).

Price lists and product descriptions

Click on the links below to view the individual price lists. All prices in the lists are in Canadian dollars.

How to Order

First, compile a list of your requirements. This can be done using the printable order forms provided under the various categories, or it can be handwritten or typed. Please be sure to specify colours, finishes, sizes, motor speeds etc where appropriate.

Prices include all taxes. Tally up the amounts and add a shipping and handling (S&H) allowance to the total. This allowance must be sufficient to cover the actual costs of parcelling and shipping your order to you. Any surpluses will be credited to your account, whereas deficiencies will cause undue delays in processing your order.

As a general guideline, $15 within Canada and $39 to the USA will sufficiently cover a typical order, while $6 to ON and QC, $8 elsewhere within Canada, and $11 to the USA are absolute minimums to cover tiny orders consisting of just a very few small parts. Two or three 4.5″ Strips would be an example of such an order. A 12.5″ Angle Girder is not a small part, and would require more than the minimum S&H.

Large orders with a value upwards of around $500 will typically have to be shipped in at least two parcels, so for such orders it is a good idea to send an S&H allowance of at least $30 for Canadian addresses, and $78 for USA addresses.

Please double-check your order and your arithmetic. We get lots of orders which are incomplete or unclear, or where payment is incorrect due to arithmetic errors. This causes extra costs to the club (that’s all of us!) and delays in processing these orders.

Please note that Reproduction Part orders are normally placed with our suppliers once every six months. This allows time to accumulate a significant number of individual orders from our members which can submitted together, and which helps reduce the shipping costs.

When your order is completed and double-checked, please send a paper copy of it, along with a money order, cheque or Interac Email Money Transfer for the full amount payable to C.M.A.M.A.S., to:

c/o Colin Hoare
18 Tweedle Street
Glen Williams, ON L7G 3S5

The “Interac Email Money Transfer” is a payment option that you should check out with your bank, more details are available on your bank’s website.

All prices and S&H guidelines are in Canadian funds. You may submit payment in US funds, whereby it is your responsibility to allow for fluctuations in the exchange rate, and for a bank fee of CA$5 per cheque or money order. Any surpluses due to exchange rate fluctuation will be credited to you.

Account Balances

For all Meccano Sets a minimum of $25.00 is required for all shipping/handling and insurance.

Who Can Order?

Club sales are available only to club members in good standing.

New members may submit their first order together with their membership application. and dues.

Similarly, members who have not renewed for the current calendar year may submit their first order of the year together with their renewal form and dues.

Payment for dues and order may be combined in one single payment.

Orders from non-members or from members not in good standing will be returned along with a membership application form.

General Terms and Conditions

Orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to give everyone a fair chance, the CMAMAS executive reserves the right to limit quantities.

Please allow 4-6 weeks processing time for all orders. Processing begins when complete and clear order and correct payment arrive at the address named above. To avoid delays and inconvenience to you, please double-check the following before submitting your order:

  • Is it legible?
    If we are unable to decipher your order, we will be unable to fill it.
  • Is it complete?
    Please be sure to include all relevant information such as manufacturer/supplier, colour/finish, size, motor speed, and any other variants which may apply. If we lack this information we will be unable to know your requirements, and therefore unable to fill your order.
  • Is the remitted shipping and handling (S&H) allowance sufficient?
    We cannot ship any orders without sufficient S&H. If the remitted S&H is insufficient, we will contact you requesting additional S&H funds, and further processing of your order will be suspended pending arrival of sufficient S&H funds. Guidelines are given in the ordering instructions above. If in doubt, please send at least the standard guideline amount, or contact us. All surpluses over the actual cost of getting your order to you will be credited to your account.
  • Is the payment the correct amount?
    Please double-check your arithmetic and make sure you have correctly summed the amounts for the items ordered and for S&H.

If the answer to any of the above questions is no, we will contact you, and processing of your order will be suspended until the open points are worked out.

Please examine the contents of your parcels when they arrive. Damaged or missing items must be reported within 15 calendar days of the postmark of the parcel.
Factory sealed current Meccano sets are forwarded to club members as is. There appears to be a disturbing new trend of current Meccano sets with missing or faulty parts. So far we’ve been able to organize replacements, but only with considerable effort, and although we will continue to make every effort to do so, we regret that we cannot guarantee that we will be successful in every case.

For deletions or changes made to orders after being submitted, but before shipping, there is a handling surcharge in the amount of $15 for orders within Canada, and $30 for orders to the USA. Items can be added to pending orders without additional charge, but we may require further S&H funds.

All sales are final.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Printed versions of the CMAMAS price lists are available at cost to club members. Details are provided on the membership renewal form.


Enquiries can be directed to the VP Sales & Marketing or any other executive member.