Toronto Hobby Show - November 2003

These photos are from the CMAMAS booth at the Hobby Show which was held in Toronto from November 7-9, 2003.
This batch of photos was taken and captioned by Lynn Krause.
We were assigned a larger booth this year, which turned out to be very fortunate because we had a wonderful turnout with a record number of models, and even with the increased space we had to crowd together, as can be observed in some of the photos.
Descriptions are below.

1. Doug Armstrong’s tower crane was a sight to see…and difficult to photograph.
2. Hubert Hogle built this giant Ferris wheel from Junior Meccano parts he purchased last spring in the form of a dealers’ display model.
3. There was not one but *two* Ping Pong Ball Collieries at the Hobby Show this year. This one was built by Manfred Hammer.
4. Here we see PPBC No. 2, built by Ron Kurtz. I waited nearly 10min. for the mesmerized visitors to move on so I’d have a clear view, and in the end decided to take a shot of “visitors captivated by a fascinating model”.
5. The ever-popular bubble-blowing machine is a Hobby Show favourite.
6. Don Morton brought this elaborate and realistic telescope all the way from BC.
7. He also brought a photo of the prototype. I asked him what turned out to be a very stupid question – had he ever seen the original. He smiled indulgently and revealed that he had operated it for a number of years…
8. Phil Edwards had a charming surprise for us. In one week he designed and built this rickshaw and driver, inspired by a photo of the real thing. The driver was precision-designed using a computer application, and walks with a realistic and carefully calibrated marching motion. His boots are made from the 3-part rubber “seat” included in some of the recent sets.
9. A 1911 funicular, built with the MME key-fixing system by Colin Hinz. Building a large-scale early model such as this has challenges all of its own, starting with the very limited parts selection of the time…
10. Our youngest exhibiting club member, Oskar Kohanec, was with us again, and clearly demonstrated that he’s honed his modeling skills since his first show.
11. A battery-access problem he had in an earlier model has now been solved by a flip-top design. Slick!
12. Oskar has discovered for himself the trick of using 27a’s to fix the new plastic wheels on axle rods. We also see how he’s put some of the older parts he purchased at the May show to good use.
13. Kendrick Bisset was kind enough to pose for me with the box and two built up models from the newly rereleased ferris wheel set, only available in the USA in this packaging.
14. It’s not often that we get to see such a fine looking Erector model as this steam engine!
15. Ed Barclay brought his bumper cars and gave visitors an opportunity to watch a modeler at work assembling a model.
16. Upon completion, the model was instantly popular!
17. The hands-on section, where the barriers are removed, is always popular with the under-10 crowd. I enjoyed myself immensely jointly manning it this year with Eric Eisen (in white). He brought his ever-popular collection of hand-cranked models in red-and-green, including his interactive “math tester”. My own contribution, based on a 1950’s 8 Set “Elevated Car Park” proved to be even more popular with the young crowd than I had hoped for. The little boy playing with it in the background returned 3 or 4 times to park more cars.

D10000002 – Earl Pitts’ Orrery
D10000003 – Road Grader
D10000004 – Road Grader
D10000005 – Steam Engine
D10000006 – Marble Roller
D10000007 – Funnicular Railway; by Colin Hinz
D10000008 – Hockey Game
D10000009 – Rock Band
D10000010 – Bagatell Game
D10000011 – Paddle Wheel Steam Boat
D10000012 – Steam Engine Display; John Wapshott
D10000013 – Steam Engine Display; John Wapshott
D10000014 – More John Wapshott
D10000015 – Erector Steam Engine: Lou Boselli
D10000016 – Space Base
D10000017 – New Erector Ferris Wheel; Lou Boselli
D10000018 – Dealer’s Cabinet; Kindrick Bisset (?)
D10000019 – Eiffel Tower and Motor Cycle Engine; Dennis Caswell
D10000020 – Vertical Marine Engine; Charles Perez
D10000021 – Paddle Wheel Steam Boat
D10000022 – Auto Park; Lynn Krause
D10000023 – Fair ground rides
D10000024 – Fairground ride: octopus
D10000025 – Lynn Krause in front of the CMAMAS control centre
D10000026 – Martha the Robot by Hubert Hogle
D10000027 – Mobius Strip by Hubert Hogle
D10000028 – Various models (including the No. 10 Super Model Cargo Ship) from well-used Meccano parts (Lloyd Schneider)
D10000029 – Various models (including the ship) from well-used Meccano parts (Lloyd Schneider)
D10000030 – Truck from well-used Meccano parts (Lloyd Schneider)
D10000031 – Crane by Normand St-Aubin
D10000032 – Crane by Normand St-Aubin
D10000033 – Fork lift truck and gyroscope by Gordon Frank
D10000034 – Cyclist by Gordon Frank
D10000035 – Cyclist
D10000036 – Steam Engine
D10000037 – Archimedes Screw by Manfred Hammer
D10000038 – Ping Pong Ball Colliery by Manfred Hammer
D10000039 – Anglo – Australian Telescope by Don Morton
D10000040 – Anglo – Australian Telescope by Don Morton
D10000041 – Percy the Ping Pong Porter by Manfred Hammer
D10000042 – Manfred Hammer’s models
D10000043 – Anglo – Australian Telescope and Don Morton
D10000044 – Road Grader built with Marklin by Robert Gibeault
D10000045 – No – 10 Set Traction Engine by Robert Gibeault
D10000046 – Jim Bobyn and Friend with Jim’s Ferris Wheel in plastic Meccano
D10000047 – Models by Jim Bobyn
D10000048 – Ferris Wheel by Don Redmond
D10000049 – Steam Engine and a display of early Meccano electric motors by Don Redmond
D10000050 – A display of early Meccano electric motors by Don Redmond
D10000051 – Windmills by Don Redmond; Ping Pong Ball Colliery (with broken hoist cord) by Ron Kurtz
D10000052 – Windmills by Don Redmond
D10000053 – Ping Pong Ball Colliery by Ron Kurtz
D10000054 – Models by Jim Henderson
D10000055 – The popular bubble blower inspected by Therese Champoux
D10000056-58 – Rickshaw Man by Phil Edwards
D10000059-60 – Walking Beam Pumping Engine by Charlie Pack
D10000061 – Steam Engine
D10000062-63 – Locomotive by Mike Shaw
D10000064 – Part of Don Pearson’s collection; Theresa Pearson on the right
D10000065 – Part of Don Pearson’s collection
D10000066 – Glen working on a model
D10000067 – Several of Don Pearson’s models
D10000068 – Part of Don Pearson’s collection
D10000069 – Mike Shaw and Lou Boselli
D10000070 – Hubert Hogle’s Ferris Wheel and some of the sets that were for sale
D10000071 – Son of Kirk Roth, Kirk Roth, John Wapshott, Lloyd Schneider, Lynn Krause (seated), Hubert Hogle
D10000072 – Part of Don Pearson’s collection
D10000073-79 – Rickshaw Man by Phil Edwards
D10000080 – Hockey Game
D10000081 – Hockey Game and Leslie Roberts (?)
D10000082 – Veteran Car
D10000083 – Vertical Marine Engine by Charles Perez
D10000084-86 – Bumper Cars by Ed Barclay
D10000087 – Marble Roller by Ed Barclay
D10000088 – Eric Eisen and models
D10000089 – Gordon Frank and his Fork Lift Tractor
D10000090 – Steam Engine by Ted van Klink
D10000091 – Road Grader built with Marklin by Robert Gibeault
D10000092 – Glen, Earl Pitts and Al Bedford (Al’s Dragline)
D10000093 – Orrery by Earl Pitts
D10000094 – Colin Hoare and Models
D10000095 – Kendrick Bisset studying a back issue of Constructor Quarterly
D10000096-97 – Mme. St-Aubin
D10000098 – Ping Pong Ball Colliery by Ron Kurtz
D10000099 – Models by Bernard Champoux
D10000100 – Locomotive and Tender by Mike Shaw
D10000101-102 – Phil Edwards making adjustments to the Rickshaw Man
D10000103 – Colin Hinz and his Funicular Railway in early Nickel

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