Toronto Hobby Show - November 1998

These photos are from Toronto Hobby Show which was held November 6-8, 1998. They were all taken by Gordon and Norma Frank.
Descriptions are below.

1. Norma Frank behind Gordon Frank’s Combine Harvester using some green Exacto parts – on floor behind is Norm LaCroix’s Special Manuals display.
2. 10-7 BlockSetter Crane by Norm LaCroix, using mainly home-made nickel plated parts. (Missing – Mike LaCroix’s Moire Pattern Demonstrator and Marg LaCroix’s 0060 Master Connector Model.)
3. Vertical Lift Bridge built by Al Bedford
4. Don Redmond – Toonerville Trolley Model
5. Manfred Hammer – Diesel locomotive, originally designed by Dave Barrett in England, and published in the Midlands Meccano Guild Gazette.
6. Orrery by Earl Pitts
7. Mike Shaw and his goodies, e.g. the Meccanosaurus from CQ.
8. Mike Shaw – Steam Bulldozer & Truck
9. Don Redmond – Caboose
10. Al Bedford – CN Deisel Engine
11. Earl Pitts’ son and a ball roller
12. Earl Pitts – Meccanograph
13. Don Redmond – Meccano Sign / John Wapshott – Erector Trucks
14. Hubert Hogel – Moebius Strip model / Robert Gibeault – Marklin James Watt Steam Engine
15. Phil Edwards – Automatic Transmission
16. Jerry Dubois – A fairground model designed by Keith Cameron; published in CQ.
17. Jerry Dubois – a model called ‘Rotation,’ the plans for which were published in the June 1998 CQ (Manfred Hammer brought the same model).
18. This picture is of a unicyclist. The model was brought by Earl Pitts, and was the third Prize Winner in the CQ Modelbuilding Competition a few years ago (but the prize was not won by Earl).
19. Attila Szakonyi – Reproduction of model originally used to advertise Meccano.
20. Ted Van Klink
21. Hubert Hogel – Martha Robot
22. Robin McLellan – Diesel Train Locomotive.
23. Earl Pitts – Ship Liner Model that was used in “You Can’t Take It With You” this summer at the Shaw Festival, Niagara -on-the- Lake.
24. Kirk Roth – New Meccano Kit models including the “Space Base”
25. John Wapshott – Erector Trucks
26. Joe Long & Attila Szakonyi with Attila’s Ropemaking Machine.
27. Ted Van Klink – Stationary Steam Engine
28. Colin Hinz & Phillip Edwards

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