Suspension Bridge


The Suspension Bridge is the king of the long span bridges. An interesting fact is that in
the longest span bridges if you measure the distance between the pylons you will find that
although they are truly vertical they are wider apart at the top than at the bottom. This is
due to the curve of the Earth – the difference in width can actually be measured in

In the Suspension Bridge the cables are anchored into the rock at each bridge end by
means of huge anchor blocks. The deck hangs on these cables and is much more flexible
than other bridge types. In the actual bridge the deck is free to move within the pylons.

– In the model the deck is attached to the pylons by means of Angle Brackets and to the
anchors by means of Angle Brackets at the right end and a pair of ½” Reversed Angle
Brackets at the left end.

– When fitting the Curved Strips in the anchors it may be necessary to slacken the bolts in
the slotted holes of the deck plates.

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