This is one of the more complicated Junior Models. As the ride rotates the chairs are
made to oscillate by means of a crank mechanism.

– The Bush Wheel supporting the turntable must be flush with the base, so it is raised
slightly by a pair of 11/2” Strips.

– The central 21/2” Axle is firmly locked into the Bush Wheel.

– The turntable assembly based upon the 2” Pulley is free to rotate on the 21/2” Axle.
Great care is needed in constructing this unit to ensure that all parts are properly lined up
and that the axle passes easily through the assembly.

– The top crank, formed from a 11/2” Gear, is locked to the 21/2” Axle. Note the two
essential spacing Spring Clips.

– In order to construct the model from the kit of parts it is necessary to make the chairs
slightly differently. The two based upon the 21/2”x11/2” Flexible Plate are identical. The
two based upon the 21/2” Semi-Circular Plate have different mounts. The illustrations
show these differences.

– Care must be taken in securing the locknuts on both ends of the crank arms and in the
chair to base fixing.

– A long wide elastic band is required to connect the 1” and 2” pulleys.

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