A fairly simple model but care must be taken in properly assembling the locknutted parts.
When the crank is turned the pony will prance and impart a reciprocating motion to the

– Back legs/tail/body. This is the most complex part of the model. A 3/8” Bolt is passed
through the end holes of a 21/2” Strip; a 21/2” Curved Strip; and a second 21/2” Strip.
These parts are then locked by a nut. The assembly is then attached to the end hole of the
Semi-Circular Plate forming the body. A locknut secures the assembly.

– The back leg is locknutted to the Angle Bracket attached to the base.

– The front leg is locknutted to the crank by means of a 3/8” Bolt.

– The trap is attached to the pony by a locknutted Pivot Bolt which also carries two
spacing Spring Clips.

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