Material Mover – Traverser


This is the second of the Material Moving machines. This one uses a traverser to carry
the ball upwards. Very careful adjustment is required when constructing the ball tripping
mechanism. Consult the pictures carefully.

– Commence by constructing the following units.
Pivoted Ball Holder.
Ball Receptacle.
Traverser and Carrier.

– Assemble the various units. It will be necessary to remove one of the end 2½” Strips in
order to slip the traverser into place. Note that while the traverser is above the Angle
Girders of the superstructure the two fishplates are below the girders.

– Adjustments. In order for the ball tripping mechanism to operate properly the following
adjustments may be required. The bottom front edge of the carrier must just clear the top
of the ball. This can be achieved by changing the position of the nut on the 11/8” Bolt
which holds the unit to the base. The angle of the two end Fishplates can also be changed.
Once the carrier passes cleanly over the ball and tilts the ramp the carrier angle should be
adjusted. This will allow the ball to roll neatly into the carrier.

– Cord. One end of the cord should be attached to the centre hole of the traverser. The
cord is then passed downward , UNDER, the crank axle and is given 8 loops around this
axle. Ensure that the cord is in a neat spiral and NOT overlapping itself. Pass the cord
around the top pulley and attach to the front middle hole of the traverser. Make sure that
the cord is under sufficient tension.

– The angle of the carrier will also allow the ball to be dumped into the top receptacle.
Adjust the angle of the 2½”x1½” Flanged Plate as necessary.

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