Material Mover - Oscillating Arm


This is the most complicated model of the Material Movers.
This machine uses an oscillating arm activated by a cam mechanism
to lift the ball. Very careful adjustment is required to get the
machine operating smoothly. Built exactly as these instructions
it will be found that the kit requires 2 additional nuts (i.e. a
total of 72). If necessary these can be obtained by omitting one
of the framework end Angle Brackets.

In operation a ball is placed on the left hand end ball
holder. As the crank is turned the motion is transmitted through
the gear and pulleys to a cam. This cam, formed from a pair of
1″ Pulleys revolves and lowers the cam follower which has its
pivot at the rear of the ball receptacle. An oscillating ramp is
fitted with a 11/8″ Bolt carrying a locknut. The bolt slips
between the strips of the cam follower while the locknuts limit
its depth. The cam follower lowers causing the same action with
the oscillating ramp. This ramp, by means of the downward facing
Fishplate trips the ball holder and tips the ball onto the ramp.
The upward facing Fishplate prevents the ball from rolling
backwards. The cam continues to rotate which lifts the follower
and oscillating ramp. This allows the ball to roll along the
ramp and into the right hand end ball receptacle.

– Commence by constructing the various units.

  • Frame
  • Right end ball holder
  • Oscillating ramp
  • Oscillating cam follower
  • Left end ball receptacle
  • Cam

– Assemble the units.

– Adjust as necessary. The following are points where these
adjustments will be required:

1. The angle of the 4½” strips to the 1″x½” Double Bracket

2. The position of the locknuts on the 11/8″ Bolt.

3. The angle of the Fishplate at the end of the oscillating ramp.

Ed Barclay

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