Material Mover - Elevator

The task:
build some sort of machine which could move material from point “A” to
point “B”. In order to avoid a simple inclined plane, point “B”
had to be at a higher level than point “A”. Also you
can only use the parts included in the School Kit. I decided
that the material would be a ping-pong ball, and after a bit of
thought I designed three different machines. The first to be
described is one which uses an elevator to lift the material.

Start by constructing the various units.

  • Tower
  • Tower top
  • Tower plating
  • Ball receptacle
  • Elevator

When constructing the elevator note that the floor, made from
a 2½”x1½” Flanged Plate is tilted forwards. This will keep the
ball pressed against the tower plating as the elevator rises.

Entry ramp

The ball is released when the elevator descends and depresses
the lever. The two 1½” Strips are balance weights. The angle of
the 2½” Curved Strip needs to be adjusted so that the 1 1/8″ Bolt
clears the top of the ball when the elevator is fully descended.
The 5½” Strip is spaced from the Bush Wheel by a pair of spacing

Connect the units

Add the operating cords. The centre hauling cord is attached
to the outer, middle hole of the top 4½”x2½” Flat Plate. It is
passed down through the middle 2nd hole, around the pulley on the
elevator’s top and is then passed up through the middle 4th hole
of the top plate. The cord is then passed over the top pulley and
is clipped to the crank axle by means of a Spring Clip. Adjust
the cord so that it is just long enough to trip the ball. Too
much cord will cause the cord to jump off the pulleys.

The side guide cord is attached to the outer 3rd hole of the
top plate. It is then passed down through the 2nd hole of the
third row, through the front end hole of the elevator and into
the 2nd hole of the 2nd row in the bottom 3½”x2½” Flanged Plate.
Bring the cord up through the 4th hole of the third row of this
plate, back through the back end hole of the elevator plate and
through the 4th hole of the 3rd row of the top plate. Attach the
cord to the end hole of the top Trunnion.

Repeat the procedure for the other side cord.

Ed Barclay

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