Kingston Rail-O-Rama - March 2004

These photos are from the Kingston Rail-O-Rama which was held March 20-21, 2004.
This batch of photos was taken by Leslie Roberts.
Descriptions are below.

4961 – Normand St.Aubin and Larry Yates looking at Larry’s railway crane. Attila Szakonyi and his daughter in the background.
4969 – Larry Yates photographing Leslie Roberts’ clock (MP 79). Hubert Hogle’s plastic ferris wheel is in the background.
4972 – Don Redmond, Attila Szakonyi and Larry Yates. In the background are some of Don’s windmills and other small models.
4978 – Doug Armstrong, Mike Shaw, and Larry Yates. Mike’s large locomotive is in the background.
819 – section of (mostly plastic) parts for the public to work with
823 – Don Redmond’s steam engine and one of his windmills
825 – Larry Yates and his railway crane
827 – Hubert Hogle and Martha, with Hubert’s moebius strip in the background (see 842)
830 – Leslie Roberts’ model illustrating Kepler’s law (adapted from article by Pat Briggs in Newsmag 79, pages 4-5)
834 – sign and Normand St.Aubin’s blocksetting crane
837-859 – Normand St.Aubin’s road grader
842 – Martha has an appreciative audience
843-862-865 – three of Hubert Hogle’s mechanisms
868-870 – two of Don Redmond’s many models for the audience to crank
874 – part of the mechanism of Leslie Roberts’ clock
892-893 – Larry Yates’ tower crane

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