– The turntable requires careful construction. Two 3/8″ Bolts
are attached to the middle 4th and 6th holes of the centre 4½”
x 2½” Flat Plate and face downwards. The two nuts also act as
spacers raising the 2″ Pulley holding a 2″ Axle from the base. Slip
the axle through the centre hole of the base and lock two
additional nuts to the 3/8″ Bolts. A Bush Wheel also carrying two
spacing nuts is located and FREE to revolve on the 2″ Axle. This
Bush Wheel is above the base plate. Attach this Bush Wheel to the
superstructure by a pair of additional nuts. Push a 1″ Pulley
firmly downward and lock it onto the 2″ Axle.

– The grab is a pair of 2½” Curved Strips locknutted together.
A pair of ½” Reversed Angle Brackets act as jaws. A Bolt located
in one of these brackets assists in gripping the load. In the
actual crane friction caused by the weight of the load would hold
the material in place.

– Note the two locking nuts securing the pivots for the fixed
pulleys at the jib head and at the top of the superstructure.

Ed Barclay

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