FOR SALE: Meccano Sets & Spares in NYC Area, USA

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FOR SALE: Meccano Sets & Spares in NYC Area, USA

For more info please contact Sumanth Addanki,

I have rather a lot of sets, including a giant catch-all of hundreds of pounds of spares. I have pictures of everything except the spares (far too much there to photograph in any meaningful way). I have no desire to become a dealer, but I don’t want this stuff sitting around here taking up far too much space when enthusiasts out there would, I hope, gladly acquire it to use for collection or building purposes.

1. Zinc/yellow/blue Number 10 sets, meticulously assembled from new parts–mostly Lyons, some Binns Road and, where needed, modern repro — by senior CMAMAS member, purchased from him seven years ago, never used. Three available, each in its own large plastic tote box. Original Meccano 3-drawer in fair condition can be added if you wish.

2. LR/LG Set 9A, never used, parts still strung, box in good shape for its age (probably circa 1959 or 1960).

3. 1950s Set 9 (Medium red/green) in vinyl “Export” briefcase-style box. Barely used, most parts still strung/unused.

4. 1950s Set 9A (Medium red/green), never used, parts still strung. Box shows wear, unsurprising given its age.

5. 1950s Set 9 comprised of 8 and 8A stored in 8 box, used lovingly.

6. 1950s Set 7, used.

7. 1950s Set 7 Never used, parts still strung.

8. 1960s LR/LG Set 6, used, exc condition, also 6A same condition, to make LR/LG 7 if desired.

9. Set 10 comprised of largely resprayed parts, green/red, excellent condition with good paint jobs, in a custom made 4-drawer chest.

10. Vast quantities of spares in new, like-new and used condition, from medium red/green, LR/LG, UK Zinc/yellow/blue, French Zinc/yellow/blue and 1999 Anniversary Block-Setting Crane production eras. Lots of strips, girders, plates, gears, wheels, tires, brassware, etc.. Far too much to list, but would love to sell bulk lots to builders if you would indicate needs. Pricing heavily discounted from current rates from Lupton or Meccanospares.

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