Converted Coach Mobile Home MP-242

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Converted Coach Mobile Home MP-242

This is an important model with more then 1000 bolts. It is from
my point of view, three ModelPlans (MPs) in one.

Booklet 1 is a MP by itself, just like the Super Models 1 and
1a Motor Chassis, with: rear suspension,
differential, gearbox, gear selector lever, clutch, brake mechanism,
etc.. Booklet 2 could be 2 MPs. One for the inside of the Mobile
Home and the last one for the body shell. After having built more
than the half of the Booklet 1, I asked myself – Why build
all those mechanisms if one cannot reach them when the bodyshell was
completed, and why build all this nice furniture of the mobile home
if it is hidden by the shell. So I decided that I would not build
the envelope. Which is, by the way, very nice and it is an MP by

In my opinion, what is so special about this MP are the details
inside the coach. Everything is there: a shower, a lavatory with
a toilet roll holder, a toilet brush holder, a sink, an oven, a
fridge, a foldable table, a kitchen sink with a cabinet, a tv,
etc.. After having built all those things, I found that the model
was quite heavy for the suspension, especially for the front
wheel axles. I was not sure that PDU would have a sufficient
torque to move the coach so I didn’t try.

This MP has the most details of any ModelPlan I have ever built, but you
need to be patient, and I suggest that you do not build
this whole MP in one piece. Build one of them or all of them separately,
they are worth it.

Yves Ste-Marie,

This article appeared in the March 2021 issue of “Canadian MeccaNotes”.
For a photo array, please see here: Converted Coach Mobile Home MP-242.

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