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Our club currently has an impressive quantity of Gilbert Erector parts
available to sell, including some more special items from around
1928, including 3 truck bodies (BG), 3 hoods/radiators (DD), 3 sets
of fenders, left and right (BD-BC), flat springs (DK), and bumpers
(DL). Unfortunately there are no front or rear axles. However, we do
have just one set of wheels with large tires (DM) – see photo.

We also have a large collection of the more standard Erector parts,
much of it type II (a little of type III), girders, wheels, a
couple of digger scoops, gears, base plates, etc. Of special
interest may be the curved wheel segments, of which there are quite
a few. Tell us what you need. We feel the best way to go about
this is for you to tell us what you need, and make us an offer.
All proceeds go to the club.

Contact either Hans Pape, or me at

Hessel Pape,
Allied Systems

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