FOR SALE: Mechantrix reproduction Meccano parts by John Overeem

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Mechantrix Parts Price List

All the equipment to manufacture Meccano compatible parts.  Presses, dies, turret lathes, milling machines, etc. We are asking $300,000 for the whole kit and kaboodle.

Mechantrix by John Overeem, P.O. Box 542, Picture Butte, Alberta, CANADA T0K 1V0,
phone: 403-732-4974, fax: 40-732-4974, e-mail:

This Meccano reproduction parts price list is still current as of January 2020 with the following changes:

#1: The postage and handling charge is $15.00.
#2: We had to increase the price of all the parts and sets by 20%.
#3: G.S.T. 5% instead of 7%.
#4: Note that the date and e-mail address on the images below should be ignored.

Please note that all parts are unpainted by default. Upon request, he can produce custom sizes of many parts. I have seen some samples of his parts and they are very good with the following notes:

  • The metal used to make angle girders appears to be ever so slightly thicker than standard Meccano angle girders
    (this is good).
  • His 3″ pulleys have narrower rims than the equivalent Meccano part.
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