Steam Locomotive of the Vitznau-Rigi Rack Railway

 In Special Features

Original design by Keith W Cameron, M.D., October 1978
Model rebuilt and instructions retyped with additional notes by Bruce Vanschepen. Text edited by Colin Hoare.

The prototype for this model is a veteran steam locomotive illustrated on page 45 of “World of Trains” by Patrick B. Whitehouse, published by Hamlyn, English edition, 1976. It is built to the smallest scale possible, to allow operation on a longer incline. It will pull or push a six-wheel passenger coach up a 1:5 incline. It is powered by batteries located in the coach. A ten-tooth Plastic Sprocket Wheel engages (Caterpillar) Track Links laid between the rails in the manner of GMM SML 45. The locomotive will run on plain track through its driving wheels, which are driven in prototypical fashion from a driving shaft through cranks and connecting rods.

Full building instructions are in the March & June 2011 issues of “Canadian MeccaNotes”.

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