In Memory of Gordon Frank

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Unfortunately, I have to report that Gordon Frank unexpectedly died at home on November 16, 2003. He was only 65 years old and was a long time farmer living outside St. Albert, northwest of Edmonton.

Norma Frank, Gordon Frank’s wife, died on January 6, 2005 due to complications from cancer. Norma was very active in supporting her late husband Gordon Frank in his pursuit of the Meccano hobby. She would often scour eBay looking for more Meccano treasures to buy for Gordon. They traveled together to Meccano shows in Red Deer, Leduc, and Toronto.

See Canadian MeccaNotes – November 2003 “Extra” Edition (PDF Format) for more details about Gordon’s accomplishments.

An archived copy of Gordon Frank’s “Farming for Meccano” website is available by clicking here.

Gordon Frank’s original “Farming for Meccano” website is here:

Please note that the e-mail addresses and phone numbers on these web pages are no longer valid.

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