CMAMAS - Special Features - Nickel Rocket Corrections

Correction: September 2000 "Canadian MeccaNotes" page 10, 2nd column, 2nd paragraph - "Across the two 3-in. strips, mentioned above, a 7in. rod carries the valve mechanism." should read "Across the two 3-hole strips, mentioned above, a 7in. rod carries the valve mechanism.", i.e. "3-hole strips", not "3-in. strips".

Also, these photo captions were inadventently omitted from the model photographs:

Photo 1. "Rocket" modelled in nickel Meccano; on base, photo of 1929 replica built by the Stephenson firm (pages 1 & 13).

Photo 2. Firebox, cylinders and valve gear (page 6).

Photo 3. Driving wheels, cylinder and connecting rod, slidebars, crosshead and valve pushrods (page 7).

Photo 4. Top view of cylinders, valve gear and slide bars (page 8).

Photo 5. Right cylinder and feed water pump (page 9).

Photo 6. Boiler barrel, safety valve, left cylinder and crosshead (page 10).

Photo 7. Firebox, left cylinder, eccentrics and pushrods to valve mechanism (page 11).

Photo 8. Tender water barrel (page 12).

Photo 9. Front (funnel) end and base; motor under lower left; decorative upright backing (page 13).

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