CMAMAS - Special Features - Arthur C. Clarke & Meccano

On Tuesday, November 29, 2000 the CBC Radio-1 program, "Writers and Company", Eleanor Wachtel interviewed A.C. Clarke, (author of "2001, A Space Odessy", etc.). About 11 minutes into the interview, he made about a minute's worth of comments about his pleasure as a boy with Meccano, lamenting that today's engineers, who live on the Internet, may come up with impractical designs because they haven't had the direct experience that Meccano provides with real-life structures, gears, etc.

An audio copy of his reflections is available here for anyone interested. You need the free RealPlayer Basic. Do not unnecessarily purchase "RealPlayer Plus".

The total interview is 49.5 min long and at 11.25 min he talks about his "Beloved Meccano Set".
Download the interview - (5,530,015 bytes).

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