CMAMAS - Toronto Hobby Show - November 2004

These photos are from the Toronto Hobby Show which was held November 7-9, 2004.
This batch of photos and the info below was supplied by Colin Hoare & Jim Bobyn and includes models to be displayed at "The Toy Shop" in Toronto. More photos will appear in the December 2004 "Canadian MeccaNotes".

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The Canadian Meccano distributor, Borgfeldt Canada Ltd., is PROMOTING MECCANO by working with "The Toy Shop" in downtown Toronto (the oldest such store in Canada, almost the same age as Meccano itself) to create these displays starting this Thursday, November 11 (also noted as "Remembrance Day"). Many Canadian CMAMAS members are contributing their models.

"Located in Yorkville, at Cumberland and Yonge, this store is a child's dream come true, filled with blocks and drums, teddy bears, books and puppets as well as today's latest toy marvels. Originally opening on Bloor Street in 1910, this specialty toyshop has survived by understanding both the needs of children and how best to keep them safely occupied. In keeping with this philosophy, the store's buyers only select toys that will endure hours of play and hopefully survive the passing trends of consumer infatuation."

These are descriptions of the models to be on display. These models were featured at the Toronto Hobby Show 2004.

Model maker     Model description
Hubert Hogle    The  Crane on the box
Hubert Hogle    The Crane without the box
Hubert Hogle    Plastic Giant Ferris Wheel
Earl Pitts      Motorcycle
Earl Pitts      Interupted Motion
Earl Pitts      "Bulldozer, large"
Earl Pitts      Cycle in a Ring
Earl Pitts      Small Bulldozer and others
Ed Barclay      Dodge' Em fair ride
Ed Barclay      Marble machine
Ed Barclay      Numerous smaller models
Colin Hinz      Steam Engine
Colin Hinz      Zipper lighted fair ride
Ron Kurtz       Waterloo Boy Tractor
Don Redmond     Yellow Windmill
Charles Perez   Airship Blimp Crazy Inventor series
Charles Perez   Watt's Steam Engine
Eric Eisen      Spinner Fairground Ride
Kirk Roth       Stern Wheeler Steam ship
Colin Hoare     Numerous smaller models
                Plus Erika & Attila's Renault & Jeep Models
                Merle's Eiffel Tower & Empire State Building

There will be 16 feature models.
Feature of window #1: The Crane
Feature of window #2: Giant Ferris Wheel

Window to be in place from November 18, 2004 until until January 14, 2005.

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