CMAMAS - Toronto Hobby Show - November 2002

These photos are from Toronto Hobby Show which was held November 8-10, 2002.
This batch of photos were taken by Lloyd Schneider.
Click on the small image to see an enlargement.

1. 1930's Super Model by Gordon Frank

2. Block Setter Crane by Bill Briggs

3. Boeing 777 by Mike Shaw

4. Bubble Machine by Lloyd Schneider

5. Cargo Ship by Lloyd Schneider

6. Car and Plane Models by Jim Henderson

7. Dealer Mechanism's Display by Kendrick Bisset

8. Dockside Crane by Doug Armstrong

9. Jerry Dubois and Dual Ferris Wheel

10. John Wapshott and Lou Boselli

11. Lift Bridge 1 by Donald Morton

12. Lift Bridge 2 by Donald Morton

13. Lift Bridge 3 by Donald Morton

14. Lift Bridge 4 by Donald Morton

15. Meccano Brass

16. Moebuis Strip and Martha by Hubert Hogle

17. Paddle Wheeler by Kirk Roth

18. Plate and Strip Bender by Andre Theberge

19. Steam Engine by Attila Szakonyi

20. Steam Engine by Colin Hinz

21. Steam Engine by Robert Gibeault

22. Street Sweeper by Gordon Frank

23. Teaching Models by Ed Barclay

24. Various Models by Ed Barclay

25. Wind Power by Lynn Krause

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