CMAMAS - Toronto Hobby Show - November 2000

These photos are from Toronto Hobby Show which was held November 3-5, 2000. This batch of photos were all taken by Lynn Krause. Click on the small image to see an enlargement.

1. Konkoly's Middle Model No. 18, Centrifugal Intermittent Motion Mechanism. It is fully described in Meccano Engineer no. 9, September 1975. Constructed by Earl Pitts.

2. Grand Orrerry (Modelplan 81) by Earl Pitts. In background: Allan Bedford, Earl Pitts, Phil Edwards, Harry Pitzel. To the left, Glen's crane, which he managed to build at the show, is visible.

3. Hibernia by Allan Bedford.

4. Jerry Dubois with several models. In background: cable car by Lynn Krause, display of dealers' and factory models by Don Pearson.

5. Demonstration model of 3-speed automatic transmission by Phil Edwards.

6. Road grader and crane by Charlie Pack. From left Kirk Roth, Charlie Pack, Joe Long.

7. Little Joe & Tricky Track constructed by Manfred Hammer.

8. Windmills made with various construction systems by Don Redmond.

9. Super Model Twin Cylinder Steam Engine by Robert Gibeault. In background Kirk Roth's Paddle Wheel River Boat and Heavy Metal Rockband are visible.

10. Hubert Hogle with his Moebius Track.

11. Martha III the Robot by Hubert Hogle.

12. Remote Controlled Marble Maze by Scott & Earl Pitts.
Note: the model plan fo this model will be published shortly in Canadian Meccanotes.

13. Random Drawing Machine by Earl Pitts. Earl says it's not a Meccanograph, but it is similar. For each picture a new random gear combination is selected to create a different pattern each time.

14. Ship by Earl Pitts. This model was used in the play "You Can't Take It With You".

15. Earl Pitts' well preserved Outfit 0 in box with manual. Also visible are some drawings from "Random Drawing Machine"

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