Mechantrix Parts Price List

John Overeem's company Mechantrix, P.O. Box 542, Picture Butte, Alberta, CANADA T0K 1V0,
phone: (403) 732-4974, fax: (403) 732-4974, e-mail:

This Meccano reproduction price list is still current as of December 2016 with the following changes:

#1: The postage and handling charge is $15.00.
#2: We had to increase the price of all the parts and sets by 20%.
#3: G.S.T. 5% instead of 7%.

Also the date on the list should be ignored. People think sometimes the list is outdated, and it is not.

Please note that all parts are unpainted by default. Upon request, he can produce custom sizes of many parts. I have seen some samples of his parts and they are very good with the following notes:

Bubble Blower

Above: Completed Bubble Blower
Below: All parts necessary to build the Bubble Blower