Army Green Super Kits

I am always trying to find new items to add to our hobby.
The army green and black bolts are some of the new parts
that I hope will give us a spark this year.  Please see the photo
spread and inventory sheets posted on the CMAMAS website.  I also
have four small kits that make up vintage models at a reasonable
price, These army parts are perfect reproductions from the days of
old.  Ashok went the second mile for us, and we love him for that.  I
also have super long bolts in brass (1.5″ & 2.0″) in stock.
There is a vast supply of black Allen bolts long bolts, pivot bolts
and black nuts, along with steel ones as well.

Super Army Kit-A is $795.00
(with authentic labelled cabinet and decals).
Super Army Kit-B is 1495.00
(with authentic labelled cabinet and decals).

For both of these kits I added various type of wheels and black bolts at no additional cost.

The smaller ones come with a Meccano Model Plan from England with all parts required to assemble the model (Plane, Jeep, Helicopter, Tank and Jet).
They range around $150.00 to $220.00.  Shipping included.

Make the club an offer for a sizable request.









For Meccano enthusiasts!

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