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FOR SALE: Huge Meccano collection.  Set highlights include a 1936 “L” Outfit, 1927 #5, #6 & #6a, 5 – #10 outfits all in 4 drawer chests.  Approx. 250 boxed sets ranging from #1 to #9a!  Approx. 100 motors, electric and wind-up.  Several large models, digger buckets, dredger buckets, flywheels, several hundred assorted gears, Meccano dealers’ case and hundreds of pounds of loose Meccano parts.
Pickup only.  Located in Climax, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Seller does not have a computer nor email address.  Please call directly at 306 293-2809.

FOR SALE: Mechantrix reproduction Meccano parts
by John Overeem.  See the website
for full details. His new e-mail address is:

WANTED: Meccano cartons, 1950’s and older, any condition, contact Ron Bodnar
at, phone 1-780-446-7652.

FOR SALE: If you are a collector of Marklin, this set may
interest you.  This is set 1034 which is an accessory set for set
1014 from the 40s/50s.  I purchased it for parts but now hate to
break the set up.  This set does not come with a manual as the
manual came with set 1014.  As far as I know set 1014 with set 1034
was the largest set Marklin produced at the time.  I am looking for
$725.  Contact Hans Pape at or call 905-722-9582.






WANTED: I need a large quantity of old, broken, incomplete red set boxes, lids, trays, stringing cards from the Meccano period from the 1940’s to the 60’s. Will take a nice red box too!

This is an excellent way to be “green” and recycle all the boxes and bits every Meccanoman has and can’t bear to throw out. I use these boxes and parts in restoration efforts.

The large the box surface area the better! That includes larger sets’ boxes. I will take orphaned bases, lids, etc. The large parts with the yellow innards are used for making stringing cards, etc. I would also not refuse any black cartons from the 20’s and 30’s too in whatever condition. Larger the better for surface area …

I will pay for postage of course…

Greg Rahn, contact me at: or phone: 403-932-6643

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