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Large collection of red/green Meccano from the 1940s and 1950s.
Mostly in custom made wooden box.

Set 9+ with many extras, including complete set of construction manuals through to Set 10.
Shipping extra.

Robert Elliott, Calgary, AB,

FOR SALE: Large Blue/Yellow/Zinc Meccano Collection

Attached are representative pictures of some of my collection.  Also there is a Meccano Parts List which is complete.  The collection comprises  1970s Blue/Yellow/Zinc format.  I would estimate there is the equivalent of THREE Number 10 sets.  About 75%  of parts are original and 25% reproduction (e.g. the Geared Roller Bearing).  Many of the parts, especially the circular blue parts and the strip plates are in mint condition.   I want  to sell the collection as one package.  I value the collection at well over $10,000.


Martin Atkinson
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
(403) 281-7122


FOR SALE: Mechantrix reproduction Meccano parts
by John Overeem.  See the website
for full details. His new e-mail address is:

WANTED: Meccano cartons, 1950’s and older, any condition, contact Ron Bodnar
at, phone 1-780-446-7652.

FOR SALE: If you are a collector of Marklin, this set may
interest you.  This is set 1034 which is an accessory set for set
1014 from the 40s/50s.  I purchased it for parts but now hate to
break the set up.  This set does not come with a manual as the
manual came with set 1014.  As far as I know set 1014 with set 1034
was the largest set Marklin produced at the time.  I am looking for
$725.  Contact Hans Pape at or call 905-722-9582.






WANTED: I need a large quantity of old, broken, incomplete red set boxes, lids, trays, stringing cards from the Meccano period from the 1940’s to the 60’s. Will take a nice red box too!

This is an excellent way to be “green” and recycle all the boxes and bits every Meccanoman has and can’t bear to throw out. I use these boxes and parts in restoration efforts.

The large the box surface area the better! That includes larger sets’ boxes. I will take orphaned bases, lids, etc. The large parts with the yellow innards are used for making stringing cards, etc. I would also not refuse any black cartons from the 20’s and 30’s too in whatever condition. Larger the better for surface area …

I will pay for postage of course…

Greg Rahn, contact me at: or phone: 403-932-6643

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